Tidal Turbines: from medieval times to now

Tidal power is a form of energy whereby the relative motions of the Earth–Moon system are used. The tidal forces produced by the Moon and Sun, in combination with Earth’s rotation, are responsible for the generation of the tides. Barrages can be built at places where a large difference between high and low tide occurs. The potential energy of water is used. The stronger the tide, i.e. water level height, the greater the potential for tidal energy generation. Barrages are dams built across the full width of a tidal estuary. At high tide the area situated at the landside is filled with seawater. At low tide, seawater runs through turbines. The turbines are connected with generators.

Already in medieval times, tidal turbines were developed in Brittany. The first tidal energy plant in our age was built in 1966 at Saint-Malo, France. The plant consists of 24 Turbines of 10 megawatt each. Barrages suffer from very high civil infrastructure costs, a worldwide shortage of viable sites, and environmental issues.
Various arrangements of tidal power have been tested. Instead of tides, the ocean streams generate power. The kinetic energy of water is used. Streams can be accelerated by means of nozzles. Hence, the construction limits the power generation.  Blue Motion Energy does not have these construction limits and can produce large amounts of energy at relatively low investment costs. Recent investigation has proven that the Blue Motion Energy sea turbine besides the tidal energy and wind energy also yields wave energy.

Tidal Energy

Tidal energy arises from the natural process of Ebb and flow.
Tidal Wave Solutions is the new multi-mass energy that both delivers and contributes. Blue Motion Energy is proud to say that they have developed a technology that not only takes, but also gives back. Our technology contributes to improving the natural water quality. The oxygen that our technology brings into the water contributes to the natural purification of the water.

Wave Energy

Wave energy is a type of energy that is created by the natural circulation of waves. In addition to tidal energy (ebb & flow), this energy is a natural and inexhaustible source of energy.

Wind Energy

Blue Motion Energy technology makes it possible to collect tides as well as wave and wind energy simultaneously with 1 turbine.

Renewable Ocean Energy

Renewable Ocean Energy is sustainable energy production, including wave energy, tidal energy, offshore wind energy, energy production with a difference between salt and fresh water or a difference in water temperature.

Renewable Ocean Energy is also known as Blue Energy or Blue Power.