Blue Motion Energy, our technique in extracting energy from waves, tides and wind.

Waves, tidal current and wind, enter the system from various directions and are guided towards the rotor. Waves increase in height due to the dam walls. The waves, tides and wind current drive the rotor in one direction.

Blue Motion Energy uses wave diffraction and achieves more than 80% efficiency from wave energy. Both the potential and kinetic energy are recovered.

Investigation and Developments

Recent laboratory tests in the hydraulic laboratory in Delft have proven that the Blue Motion Energy sea turbine is not only capable to yield tidal energy but also wave energy. Also wind energy can be yielded at the top of the device which is above the sea level. Therefore this turbine is unique in the world.

After the demonstration of a prototype of 500 kW, larger devices are designed with an output of 4 MW and 6 MW which can be built easily at a yard. The construction will be transported via river and sea. The construction is placed on the seabed. Subsequently the rotor and generator are installed.

The construction technology for larger plants is subject of further research. These plants can be constructed with modules at a longer distance from the shore. First calculations are made of 25 MW devices for European wave and tidal hot spots at Iceland, Scotland, Ireland, France, Spain and Portugal. These devices can be build modular and gravity based at relatively lower investment costs, lower than offshore wind.

Research results

  • Hypotheses and energy balance are confirmed
  • Sea walls positioned under a 30 degree angle have been tested as most optimal
  • High eficency cross-flow rotor has been tested
  • Short return of investment

Tabel 1: example 4 and 6 megawatt installation.

Wall length rotor height rotor diameter velocity wave height
12 m
12   m
15 m + 25 m wind
15 m + 25 m wind
4 m
4 m
1 m/s
2 m/s
1-3 m
2-4 m

Blue Motion Energy versus Wind turbines

Blue Motion Energy has chosen for a robust reinforced concrete construction. In order to generate much power, long dams and a rotor with a sufficient diameter can be applied. Or smaller plants can be built together with a capacity of 25 MW. This equals 5 large wind turbines. The investment costs are considerably lower compared to offshore wind turbines. Especially at places with high tides and waves the BME device is very profitable. Also a more constant flow of energy can be supplied to the net in comparison to wind turbines.

A Convenient Truth

Blue Motion Energy is a renewable energy source without emission of greenhouse gasses as CO2 or other gasses which pollutes the environment and without use of oil, coal or gas. By addition of oxygen also the water quality will be improved.