Blue Motion Energy is looking for companies willing to exploit this technology as well as developing, designing and building these plants.

Blue Motion Energy technology is available under licenses. We provide support in all aspects of construction, implementation and distribution. Our team is also specialised in maintaining and setting up subsidy processes and sustainability funds. Development is extremely important to Blue Motion Energy. Our technology is continuously monitored so that we can improve and better meet the needs of today.

Blue Motion Energy can be exploited under license or the project can be supported by:
1. Feasibility studies world wide;
2. Business plans;
3. Basic Designs;
4. Grants;
5. Governmental Licenses;
6. Procurement;
7. Project support and technical support.

This technology is protected by a patent with the right to obtain a patent in various countries.

Tidal-and-Wave-infographic-768x546 blue motion energy

Retract and give back to nature

We have enormous confidence in Blue Energy resources. Extracting energy from water is a 100% sustainable process. Instead of pollution, we go to purification with BME technology. BME focuses on giving instead of taking. Giving to the environment that enables us to extract energy through the natural process of ebb and flow. BME technology converts this process into kW and simultaneously returns oxygen to the environment. This brings us into a win-win situation between people, nature and mass production.