Blue Motion Energy

The Modern Way Of Creating Energy

We are Blue Motion Energy. Our technology makes it possible to collect tides as well as wave and wind energy simultaneously with one turbine. Blue Motion Energy means 100% blue and extremely efficient energy with clean emissions.


We create energy from water

Blue Motion Energy is technology in creating sustainable energy from natural sources. Our technical facilities make it possible to absorb wave, tides and wind energy with just one turbine. The unique difference between us and other providers is that our technology not only extracts, but simultaneously gives back to nature. Our emissions mainly include oxygen, which purifies the natural water habitat and improves its quality. Blue Motion Energy means 100% blue energy with clean emissions.

Winner of the Erasmus Energy Business Award 2016

“Start-up Blue Motion Energy, based in Papendrecht in the Netherlands, has developed a new rotor technology to efficiently generate sustainable energy from ocean currents and wind together, in a tough marine environment which presents engineering challenges for energy producers. The Blue Motion Energy turbine has radially placed dams in a funnel shape that sit partially above the surface of the sea to harvest power from both current and wind.

The Erasmus Energy Business Award judges said Blue Motion Energy’s business model and technology challenges the future energy market. “To build a sustainable energy future, we will have to start relying a lot more on classical elements such as water and wind. Blue Motion Energy is focusing on long-term sustainable solutions with use of these elements,” said the jury.”

About us

For centuries the Dutch have been plagued by flooding. Throughout history the Dutch have been in a constant battle against the sea. In the 9th century the history of Dutch water management started. Throughout al these centuries the Dutch have gained a reputation as a country that won the war against water, rescuing large parts of land from the grasp of the sea. The current Dutch thought however, is to convert their battle against the sea into working and living together with the sea. This changed vision demands the further development of a different kind of knowledge.
Blue Motion Energy is a new Dutch based company that has taken on the challenge to come up with an innovative system to generate energy from waves, currents and wind with only one turbine.

Blue Motion Energy developed a technology witch can increase the efficiency of the marine turbine system to 80 percent or more for wave energy by making use of wave diffraction. For the Netherlands the turbines can generate up to 15 MW nominal. The marine turbines built further from the coast has more power output and an increased capacity factor. At places with large waves and tidal current a.o. Ireland, Scotland, France, New Zealand and Australia much larger plants with high capacity factors can be build: For larger plants 25 MW and higher and depending of the location, no subsidized feed in tariff is necessary.

The future of life lies in its origin: the sea

Extracting energy from water is not a new principle. We’ve been doing it for generations. However, the technology is changing. The way we handle energy also. Our need in the type of energy is as important today as the continuity we expect. Blue motion energy focuses on the changes and our needs in this. We expect at least that sustainable energy and sustainable resources do not damage people and the environment and are 100% sustainable.