Research results

  • Hypotheses and energy balance are confirmed
  • Sea walls positioned under a 30 degree angle have been tested as most optimal
  • High eficency cross-flow rotor has been tested  
  • Short return of investment
Tabel 1: example 4 and 6 megawatt installation.
Wall length rotor height rotor diameter velocity wave height
12 m
12   m
15 m + 25 m wind 
15 m + 25 m wind
4 m
4 m
1 m/s
2 m/s
1-3 m
2-4 m
A Convenient Truth
Blue Motion Energy is a renewable energy source without emission of greenhouse gasses as CO2 or other gasses which pollutes the environment and without use of oil, coal or gas. By addition of oxygen also the water quality will be improved

Winner of the Erasmus Energy Business Award 2016

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