Blue Motion Energy

Blue Motion Energy makes use of tidal energy and wave energy and therefore applicable worldwide at a large scale. Especially at places with high tides and waves the device is very profitable. The device consists of a marine turbine and dams placed in a funnel shape which rises above the sea level (see figure 1 top view). Therefore not only tidal engergy can be yielded but also wave and wind energy and therefore unique in the world.

Partly the stream flows along the dams. The funnels provokes a flow acceleration and an increase of wave height consequently enhancing the power. The power equals the flow velocity cubed and the wave height squared. Research has shown that large amounts of energy can be generated with relative low investments compared to tidal power and wind turbines

The device is fish friendly, because of noise and vibration fish avoid these systems. By intensive mixing of air and water in the rotor by waves and wind, an amount of oxygen will be driven into the water. Which leads to an improvement of the water quality.

Edwin Schouten

A Convenient Truth
Blue Motion Energy is a renewable energy source without emission of greenhouse gasses as CO2 or other gasses which pollutes the environment and without use of oil, coal or gas. By addition of oxygen also the water quality will be improved

Winner of the Erasmus Energy Business Award 2016

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